Cyroute develops scripts for all purposes.
In general PHP and javascript will be used.

The scripts and code snipets you'll find here are free software, you can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.

The scripts are distributed in the hope that they will be useful.
There is NO WARRANTY. NO implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY.
The entire risk is with you.
See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Although free, a donation is always appreciated, and will help develop new free scripts in the future.



Xlogin v1.2

Multi user login protection

1. Description

  • External login is a simple php script that adds protection to your php files. It is not a stand-alone script but is intended to be implemented into other php files. You can use it to create an administration part into your script, or to restrict access to certain files.
  • It supports multiple users and an online registration form.
  • Simply put one line into the files you want to protect.
  • Put the "logout" link into your scripts on the place of your choice.

2. Features

  • Simple implementation
  • Multi language support (now only in Dutch and english, please feel free to translate and E-mail them to us)
  • Change appearance by use of Header and Footer includes, as well as by stylesheets
  • Use of php session management to identify user
  • Multi user support
  • Online registration form with e-mail verification with- Forgotten password reminder
  • IP check to prevent session theft
  • MySQL or flat textfile support

3. Requirements

  • Tested on windows and apach
  • PHP 4.2
  • MySQL or flat textfile
  • Some knowledge of php will be very helpfull


Import/export csv files into MySQL

1. Description

  • This script can be used to import/export csv files into a MySQL database. After uploading the the csv file you are presented with a form to compare the database-column-titles with the titlerow of the csv file. After this comparison the csv file will be actually imported. This script is not a stand-alone, but is intended to be used as a addon to other scripts. Some knowledge of php and MySQL is therefore required.

2. Features

  • Importing a csv file with titlerow into a MySQL database.
  • Exporting the MySQL database table to a csv file
  • Deleting all the MySQL database table entry's
  • Temporary directory cleaning to prevent data cluther

3. Requirements

  • server with PHP support
  • MySQL